Artist collaboration platform

Gijs Kuijpers – Eigengijs

The passion and love for interior, art and design originated before and during his academy years. Taking a different look at different objects has made that insight even clearer. It soon became clear to Gijs Kuijpers that the interest in making furniture was so great that the knowledge was easy to apply. Fascinated by technical constructions and connections, he always came up with a suitable design. After a number of years working full-time with Studio EigenGijs, and so many creations further. He was ready for the next step. This is how Dwars was born; a collection of like-minded unruly people. He is always looking for an eccentric design, with a lot of dedication and drive. Dwars is a succession and extension of Studio EigenGijs, and highlights beautiful collaborations. In addition, it brings a beautiful combination of art, design, indoor / outdoor furniture, and Studio Eigengijs put together a carefully selected collectibles gallery. Dwars designs and realizes a complete range of products and interiors, for both inside and outside.

Jordie Rovers – Studio Jordie Rovers
Bart Elfrink – 3D Render Artist