Curated by Eigengijs

This pages shows you a carefully selected collection of designers curated by Studio Eigengijs. A progressive collection of contemporary objects and living accessories. Which has been created by admiration, friendships and passion for beautiful inspiring handmade design pieces. Also each month we going to give the spotlight to a new emerging design talent.



The work by german designer Paul Ketz is not limited to predicates like practically or helpful. Designing for the inner child Paul Ketz creates adventurous objects with emotional value: “THERE IS NO NEED FOR ANOTHER CHAIR TO JUST SIT ON”.

Marshmallow is a soft foam stool that seems almost too tasty to sit on. Each piece is unique as there is no mold used for making this stool. The foam expands from underneath through the metal structure. Because of this natural way of expanding, they look so smooth and creamy.



Cengiz Hartmann is a German artist and designer focussing to reduce objects to the essential without eliminating the poetry. The word ‚begreifen‘ serves as a key to his work. It means both to touch and to understand – in a way thinking with the hands.



Dutch Designer Ward Wijnant wants to show the origins of craftsmanship. He sees it as a mission to interpret the diversity of old methods and materials in ultimate, contemporary design that pays attention to detail and finish, as well as a historical understanding of the original artisanal mastery. Ward gets inspired by the construction of traditionally made objects, how the materials are handled and how secure joints are constructed. Artisanal methods combined with versatile materials embody a particular aesthetic. This is exactly what Ward wants to show in his designs: how the materials, and the way in which they are processed, influence the shape. He wants to show materials from a new perspective and with a fresh look at ancient craft techniques.



Franje is an interior architecture practice based in Ghent, Belgium founded in 2019 by Michiel Hutsebaut Franje searches for the intersection between interior architecture and ornament through scenography, interior design and furniture design. Michiel Hutsebaut graduated in interior architecture at kuleuven, sint-lucas ghent in 2017. He worked/works for doorzon interieurarchitecten and felt architecture & design.

To compliment the nineties, this armoire is made out of translucent glass blocks in various shapes, broadening the appearance of a familiar material.



As a designer, Dutch Designer Gijs Kuijpers (eigengijs) got excited by the idea to take the Delft Blue technique and the material itself to a whole new scale and structure, to a place where the contrast between white and blue remains and where there is a lasting connection through the design. This ended up in the Delft Blue Coffee table. The design was created using computer-automated techniques, but also by raw manual labor.

As real earthenware would be to fragile to get the intended result, different materials were chosen that perfectly recreate that genuine Delftware look. Also, in the world of Delft Blue, there is a huge difference between “genuine” hand-painted earthenware and mass production, that is why the pattern will be painted on by hand. All credits for the design of the pattern go to graphic artist Jordie Rovers.


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